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Responsible solutions

The mechanisms used to achieve the mbetter results are essential to achieve the company's main objective: dynamism and agility in sales, efficiency, precision and quality in manufacturing. These are some of the actions taken to provide the customer with complete satisfaction.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which guarantees the quality of the products produced and demonstrates its commitment to efficiency.

Esperança Indústria e Comércio de Forjados has been operating in the market for over 40 years

Investing in technologies and innovations in cold forging processeso and precision machining of steel, aluminum, copper and suleagues, standing out among the main leaders in the segment.

The results are products that respect the highest quality standards, meeting the requirements of car manufacturers.

The company has a wide range of products, supplying more than 800 items in steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys and its manufacturing capacity ranges from small volumes, the so-called economic batches, to large batches, large-scale volumes, always guaranteeing total quality.

With its own tooling, special machines, horizontal, mechanical and hydraulic presses, as well as modern simulation software, the company focuses on meeting the most diverse market needs, maximizing production and reducing costs and deadlines based on commitment, safety, trust and total quality, with certificationISO 9001:2008.


Esperança Forjados' mission is to provide high-quality forging solutions to its customers, meeting market needs. With a national brand recognized in the market for over 40 years, the company stands out for offering clips for high-density steel cables and customized cold-forged parts for various sectors. Through this commitment, the company seeks to build lasting relationships with its customers, offering high-quality solutions and exceptional service.


Produce products with minimal waste, always seeking to improve its processes and technologies to reduce environmental impact and increase production efficiency. The company believes that this vision is important to ensure the sustainability of its business and to contribute to a more sustainable future for everyone.


Family tradition is a value that the company has carried with it for more than four decades, maintaining the essence of the company and improving its processes over the years. Innovation is an important value for the company, which always seeks to be ahead of the market, offering innovative solutions to its customers. Quality is a fundamental value for Esperança Forjados, which always seeks to offer high quality products and exceptional service.


The experience of those who produce cold forged and machined steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys.

Among its differentiators, the experience and improvement achieved over the years stand out, factors that have given Esperança the status of reference in the manufacture of cold forged and precision machined parts.


Developing custom-made parts for the most diverse purposes on an industrial scale, using the most modern equipment at the service of a team that has been dedicated to the cold forging industry for over 4 decades.


Counting on tools such as technology combined with experience, it offers excellent guarantees in addition to quality and productivity. With the resourcefulness and structure to meet any demand, each need is treated with the attention, seriousness and commitment that each client deserves.

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