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APRESS ALLEN® has knowhow that has been standing out since 1968 in the market for internal hexagons with cold forged heads. With commitment and commitment to quality work, it has become a reference in its segment, investing in technology and innovation in the process of cold forged and precision machined parts.

Our products are developed with high technological standards and original quality, respecting the technical standards of each product.

The company has a wide variety of products in its catalogues, providing products with technical standards according to market needs, always seeking to prioritize quality and following customer specifications. 

Esperança values its greatest asset, which is its internal and external customers. Sparing no effort to offer work tools that exceed expectations, we ensure the quality of our parts, focusing on excellence and superior performance. Committed to safety, reliability and quality, we achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.  


  •  Always use cold forged and standardized Allen screws (SAE -1429, ISO-898, IFI-104 AND UNI) as they facilitate their application and replacement;

  •  Check the series being used - 1936 or 1960, as there is a difference in the height of the head and key;

  •  Be careful with the measurements as we have screws in millimeters and inches;

  •  Check the hardness of the screws: 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 (maximum resistance);

  •  Check if the taps used are compatible with the hardness step of the screws to be used;

  •  See if the screw support faces are parallel with those of the parts;

  •  Check that the holes are perpendicular to the face of the part;

  •  Do not use pipes or extensions for tightening;

  •  Always use a torque wrench;

  •  Avoid beating the threads;

  •  Always have spare screws in case of replacement;

  •  Use correct Allen wrenches to avoid "popping" the hex;

  •  Change the screws regularly as they also sufferm mechanical fatigue over time;

  •  Avoid oxidation of them.

For questions or information, contact 11-2148-5500



  •  Special heat treatment;

  •  Cold rolled threads;

  •  Thermal oxidized surface finish.


Consult our catalog for more information!

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