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Esperança Indústria e Comércio de Forjados has been operating in the market for over 40 years

Investing in technologies and innovations in cold forging and precision machining processes in steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys, standing out among the main leaders in the segment.

The results are products that respect the highest quality standards, meeting the requirements of car manufacturers and system operators.

The company has a wide range of products, supplying more than 800 items in steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys and its manufacturing capacity ranges from small volumes, the so-called economic batches, to large batches, large-scale volumes, always guaranteeing total quality.

With its own tooling, special machines, horizontal, mechanical and hydraulic presses, as well as modern simulation software, the company focuses on meeting the most diverse market needs, maximizing production and reducing costs and deadlines based on commitment, safety, trust and total quality, with certificationISO 9001:2008.

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