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Steel Cable Sleeves

Use TOPpres, the sleeve with International Standard

TOPpres sleeves are products of high standard and technology, used to join ties or loops at the ends of the steel cable.
They are manufactured under the S-505 standard (ABNT EB - 2200), in accordance with global standards to withstand all resistance tests in accordance with ISO 7531, which classifies the loops or loops to load at break, which must be at least 90% above the steel cable
With a precision manufacturing process, we chose to make forged sleeves instead of seamless tubes, due to their reliability and superior mechanical properties. The fabrication by this process guarantees the uniform kneading of the loops, giving security and consistency to the loops and handles.


Today, large corporations are demanding forged loops to comply with safety standards. Our products are ready to provide the perfect closure of the clamps to the cables without the appearance of burrs, thus avoiding the improper sanding that occurs when using clamps of poor quality.

TOPpres clips must be prepared and assembled with appropriate molds and presses to guarantee the perfect closure of the product to the cable.

First world countries choose cleats manufactured by the forging process because they are safer, more reliable and more responsible

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